Membership & How to Join

Who can become a member

The following people can join the activities of the EIS club in accordance with the latest SSCC constitution:

Internal members:

  1. ESA Staff and staff of companies who have made an agreed contribution to the ESOC Social budget.
  2. EUMETSAT Staff and contractors, provided that these have been covered by agreed contributions to the ESOC Social budget.
  3. Spouses or partners of the above.

External members:

  1. Children of internal members. Note: children under 18 do not need to pay the membership fee, but you must register to the club as members so that they are recorded and can be added to trips.
  2. Contractors working for non-contributing companies, their spouses or partner and their children.


  1. Individuals who do not fall in to the above categories but have some relationship with members (remote family, friends, ex-members...) or are Trip Captains; affiliates are considered useful by the EIS club as, by joining trips which are not fully booked, they reduce the costs of the trips for the members.


How to become a member (to be performed every season)

  1. Register to the MySCC portal (if you haven't already) at
  2. Request the membership to the EIS Ski Club: (leave the default dates, they will be automatically replaced with the correct season dates by the system - if you get an error, try with other dates).
  3. Following this, you will receive an automatic email with your membership ID and the details to pay the club membership fee 30€).
  4. Once your affiliation has been confirmed and the membership fee has been paid, your membership will become active on MySSCC portal (you shall be notified via email).
  5. Note: affiliates joining activities of the EIS club (participation to into a trip or to a social event) have to pay the membership fee.

Note: EIS does not provide any ski insurance. You are responsible for organising your own insurance and are strongly advised to do so. No claims shall be made against ESA, EIS or connected contract companies.


Bank details

For information. To pay the membership fee, do the transaction as instructed in the email you receive upon registration (point 3 above).

Account Name: ESOC Ski Club - EIS 

IBAN: DE61 6609 0800 0005 6404 66