Sign up for trips

Sign Up for Ski Trips

  • Sign-up to trips will be possible at the SOSB for all people that have registered to the Ski Club on MySSCC and paid the membership fee.
  • Any remaining place will be available to others after the SOSB, they will also need to have registered to the Ski Club on MySSCC and paid the membership fee.
  • After the SOSB, members have 2 weeks to pay the full amount and confirm their place on the trip.
  • Affiliate members can only sign up to trips 2 weeks after the SOSB.

Registration & Priority

  • People can register friends to trips at SOSB as long as they are members (i.e. they have registered via the MySSCC page and they have paid the membership fee).
  • To register for a trip AFTER the SOSB a member has to contact the relevant Trip Captain; if places are available in the trip list, the member has to pay the trip fee within one week from having contacted the Trip Captain to get into the list.
  • Any member (internal or external) shall have priority in signing up to trips with respect to affilates.
  • Affiliates can sign up to a trip only two weeks after the SOSB date, if places are available. During these two weeks any member registering to the trip has priority over affiliates.
  • The management of the trip list is under the responsibility of the trip captains: chairman and coordinator of trips can review a trip list only in case there are evidences that the trip captain is not respecting the rules.

Payment & Cancellation policy

  • Places on a trip will not be reserved for those who have not paid the membership fee regardless of whether the trip fee has been paid.
  • To secure a place a member shall pay the full trip cost, within two weeks from the SOSB.
  • If you have to cancel, you must inform the TC as soon as possible, to allow her/him to contact the first members in the waiting list (if any).
  • The club will attempt to fill any cancellations. In case no replacement is found, you may be liable for any costs incurred by the club.
  • In the event of a trip cancellation by the club (e.g. due to lack of snow, insufficient trip participants, covid regulations), risk and cost will be shared equally by the members signed up for the trip. EIS will attempt to keep any costs to a minimum, therefore aa a minimum the cost of ski pass would be refunded.