Paying trip fees

The EIS Bank Account (BBBank) details are:

Account Name: ESOC Ski Club - EIS 

IBAN: DE61 6609 0800 0005 6404 66


It should be noted that your payment description is processed automatically, so please make sure that you correctly spell the trips and that you include your membership number.

Unless you are making international transfers that incur extra fees, please try to avoid making payments for multiple trips in a single transaction as it makes payment tracking more difficult.

There is no need to mail the treasurer about membership or trip payments - just make sure the comment on each transfer is clear! Here are some examples of badly formatted payment descriptions:

Ski (which trip?), Skiing for my girlfriend (do not assume that I know anything about your love life), Ischgl x2 (this second person could be anyone), Ishgal (my scripts are not clever enough to correct spelling), [blank]

And some good ones (i.e. easy for a script to parse):

Membership eis123; Ischgl eis123; Ischgl x2. John Smith and Jane Smith. eis123 and eis321

Any charges for Foreign Transfers are carried by the payer. Note that if you provide IBAN and BIC for Euro transfers inside the EU, there should be no charge (or no more than the bank would normally charge you for an inland transfer).

Note that sign-ups for trips will only be accepted from members.

If you have any problems with the form or transfers, contact the EIS treasurer.